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We just love beer and wine!

Barleyvine is a family-owned business that was inspired after searching for quick, affordable food, wine, and beer options, without the long wait times, the need to tip, or having to drive out of Mount Horeb to get it! Barleyvine will serve a wide array of awesome apps, delicious salads, mouthwatering sandwiches, and foods kids love.

We have made every decision with families and our community at the core. We will provide a welcoming experience to families by day and appeal to adults at night.

Barleyvine’s point of difference is centered around a self-serve beer and wine wall, one of the first in the area. Imagine being able to pour your own wine or beer. You can start with a sip or a full glass, all without waiting for a bartender or needing to tip. This gives you the option to branch out without the commitment or allows you to go straight for your favorites.

Our family loves living in Mount Horeb and Wisconsin. That is why we are so excited to bring some of the best food, wine, and beer from the area to Mount Horeb. Everyone involved in turning Barleyvine from a dream into a reality is from the area. Even our banker lives in Mount Horeb (who is incredible, by the way). There was no better feeling than breaking ground on the first day, and having our next-door neighbor be the project manager.

We look forward to providing delicious food and creating a unique experience that Mount Horeb deserves for all of the foodies, wine, and beer enthusiasts in the community. We appreciate your feedback and support of this local startup as Barleyvine launches and evolves with Mount Horeb.

Barleyvine is now open!

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